Ensemble ventilateur

Referring to fan assembly, first, what is fan assembly? The most automotive cooling fan assemblies include mounting shroud, fan blades, and part of the engine cooling system is called radiator fan motor. Its function is to let enough air into the radiator to transfer heat from the engine coolant to the outside air. The engine’s cooling system works by releasing coolant into the engine to absorb heat. Typically, the cooling fan assembly is installed between the radiator and the engine. It can be installed either in front of radiator or behind the radiator. The air flow in the radiator is critical, especially for modern cars, sedans with reduced radiator grille size. 

Remember, The electric radiator cooling fan could be driven by two way, one is engine crankshaft, another is electric motor. In addition, the cooling fan assembly is one of the components responsible for keeping the engine at normal operating temperature, so getting a right radiator fan motor assembly is so important to maintain your car work properly. We are the leading China manufacturer of fan assembly products. In meantime, we have exported kinds of auto spare parts to oversea market such as car fan, blower assembly, radiator fan motor and so on. Our products always match to foreign-model car use like Nissan, Volkswagen, Honda, Toyota, Hyundai, Citroen, PSA Peugeot, etc, meanwhile, so many good comments from our oversea buyers through our OEM products.