Moteur de ventilateur

Radiator fans normally divided into two types such as mechanical and electrical type. The mechanical fan is directly connected to the engine through the drive pulley and this type of radiator fan is controlled by a hot air fan clutch that senses the heat of the radiator. In contrary,electric radiator cooling fan could be controlled through its fan motor, and it is activated by the coolant sensor through the computer. In addition, the coolant sensor is responsible for monitoring the temperature of the engine coolant. Nowadays, almost modern cars equip with electrical radiator fan with fan motor. The fan system works by forcing air through the radiator, so its function is to promote and support engine temperature management. 

As trusted auto spare parts fan motor supplier in China, we always produce and supply radiator cooling fan and fan motor assembly matching to brand car uses, meanwhile the foreign model car is included as Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Volkswagen, Hyundai, etc. Hereby, the tips of symptoms of a failing radiator fan motor: Firstly, the most common symptom of cooling radiator fan motor failure is that the cooling fan does not start. The most common symptom of cooling electric radiator fan motor failure is that the cooling fan does not start. As the cooling fan motor and fan blades work together, the air is sent to the cooling position through the radiator. If the cooling fan motor burns out, the cooling fan will then be disabled and the blades will not rotate or cause any airflow to cool the car. Secondly, The second symptom of a damaged radiator fan motor is that your car is currently overheating.The cooling fan is designed to turn on when a specific temperature or condition is reached inside the vehicle. If the cooling fan fails or is damaged, the engine temperature will continue to rise and eventually overheat. Of course, engine overheating can also be the result of other problems, such as Honda, Toyota fan motor.